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Ragni SAS has been managed by the Ragni family since it was founded in 1927. Based in Cagnes-sur-Mer in the southeast of France, Ragni is a street lighting equipment specialist. The company was founded in France over 80 years ago, by Victor Ragni, a craftsman in wrought iron. The entrepreneur
of Italian origin soon involved his son in the running of the company, and then the five children of the latter. Together, they have built a reputation for traditional street lights both in France and abroad.
Directed by Marcel Ragni since 2008 with his two nieces Sandra and Stéphanie and two sons, Jean-Christophe and Stéphane the business continues to follow the family’s values and thrive on its skills with the 4th generation. Traditional, functional and contemporary luminaires, with LED or traditional light sources, solar powered street lights, and a broad selection of standard or made to measure lighting solutions means that the product range has evolved with the times and now offers all round lighting solutions. Ragni’s current managers and teams recognize the importance of reducing the environmental impact of street lighting and make it their mission to develop efficient lighting solutions for sustainable development. Ragni SAS will continue to manufacture in France which is a great asset and guarantees its reactivity, but the company confirms its international ambitions with the creation of subsidiaries in strategic foreign markets. The partnerships created with handpicked companies within these geographical zones will
enable the partners to react rapidly and efficiently to the requirements of the local markets.
As skilled craftsmen producing industrially, Ragni has built up a reputation for being able to adjust production to the requirements. Reactivity and efficiency are two of the company’s attributes that are both widely recognized and highly appreciated by its customers.


Interkomerc was established in 1985. The primary goal of the establishment was the purchase and processing of secondary raw materials. The company started as a small team of five people. It is located in a commercial zone Rodoč, 3 km south of Mostar. During the war Interkomerc was completely destroyed. After the war, the only choice was to relaunch Interkomerc with a team of a few workers. Thanks to the will and perseverance of employees company is rebuilt and today employs 200 workers, despite the worldwide economic crisis, and the extremely difficult conditions of doing business in this state. With time the company has extended her business so it went with casting aluminium alloys, producing tiles, concrete products, and wholesale and retail trade of building materials, plumbing and electrical material.
After a detailed analysis of the European market, company management has concluded that it is necessary to start with high pressure aluminium die casting and to produce castings from aluminium alloy. Realizing this idea, it has started with a die-casting. It has extended it is operations to neighbouring countries and EU countries. Company’s goal is production of high quality products with the lower price, by merging experience of older workers and ideas of young people with assurance that is a combination that has to succeed. The company possesses ISO 9001:2008 certificate of quality.
The quality has been recognized by the French company Ragni, which offered to Interkomerc cooperation in the production and distribution of external lighting. The company can produce all kinds of aluminium parts for lamps, and has decided to combine its experience and quality in the production of the parts and the experience and quality of foreign partners in the production and distribution of lighting fixtures. The result is a newly formed joint venture Ragni IC. Interkomerc is confident that this project will provide an extension of its business, and hiring new employees.


A unique alliance of expertise and know-how
On the back of its know-how and experience in public lighting, Ragni (France) establishes a strategic partnership with Interkomec (Bosnia and Herzegovina) to create the joint-venture Ragni IC based in Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This agreement put together Ragni, one of the leaders on the European public lighting market, who has already proven its expertise in 50 different countries, and Interkomerc, a jewel of the aluminium industry. Those two companies wished to merge their skills and know-how and to develop new lighting solutions, to provide their expertise in Eastern Europe and in the Balkans. Their goal is to contribute to the improvement of the comfort and the safety of the users while valuing the sites being lit to embellish the city.

Your new partner
Ragni IC, specialized in public lighting equipment, provides functional, ambiance and traditional luminaires. The company brings its technical and personalized expertise, offering lighting adapted to your needs. Combining design and newest technologies, the product range includes efficient LED systems, and an exclusive range of solar powered products. Those technologies allow for substantial energy savings while reducing light pollution to respect the environment.

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