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The Margo line benefits from elegant, avant-garde design giving precedence to technology and modularity. Available in several colours (grey, red, green, blue, orange, pink etc.), the Margo model can be customized. It thus fits in harmoniously to whatever ambiance is being created.
Appealing performance
Replacing your old light fitting with the Margo model does not require any modification of the electrical connections, nor any additional fixation accessories.
This modular distribution model is available in several variations.
Carying for the environment
Designed with specifically chosen materials, a high-performance optical system and less packaging, the Margo model reflects our management policy for renewable resources and net reduction of CO2 emissions.
• Luminaire entirely made of injected cast aluminium

LED LIFE-CYCLE: 80,000 HOURS AT 70% @ 700 mA

Controlled costs
Reducing installation and maintenance costs was one of the priorities in the design phase of the Margo It is thus easy to install and maintain.
• Possibility of dimming (power regulation) - RAGNI design

HERE you can view the technical characteristics of the product MARGO

Technical characteristics

The Margo is a light fitting which is suitable for all kinds of installations thanks to its high modularity. It is protected from infiltrations by its IP66 optical blocks, thus lengthening its life-cycle.


As the Margo is available in a wide range of colours, profiles and configurations (variable number of petals), it can be adapted to suit any installation. This customization makes it possible to control the degree of restitution depending on lighting requirements.


High performance, effective and comfortable light Its innovative, high-performance optical system has been designed to achieve improved visibility with limited glare and to control light pollution.
Optical principle
• Thanks to the lens, enhancement of the yield in terms of light combined with optimal control of its distribution ensures excellent lighting uniformity.
• A lower degree of glare and light pollution ensures real gains in terms of comfort.
• The lenses have been specially developed for RAGNI IC light fittings.
A starry night with no light pollution
The Margo stands out as a solution for the future. It has been designed so as not to lose any light output above the fitting.
Photometric performance
For the most sensitive zones where light pollution must be reduced to a minimum, the Margo is a solution of the future.

Margo Top version
Margo Mini
500 195 70
Margo Mega
500 195 70
Margo Mix
500 195 70


Margo Suspended
Margo Mini
500 185
Margo Mega
700 185
Margo Mix
700 185


Wall-mounted or against a post
Margo Mini 1P
164 95 125
Margo Mini
500 125 152
Margo Mini + cache
500 182,5  
Margo Mega
700 125  



With Mélanthia LED fixture, a wind of change wafts over lighting design. Functional, contemporary, it is equally at home in residential, tourist, rural or urban areas.