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Our reflectors are manufactured from strips of aluminium with a very high purity (≥ 99.5% AI).
The polishing and anodizing processes used give them invisible long-term protection against corrosion and boost light distribution while simultaneously making it easier to control.

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CPO-TW 40W 60W

CPO-TW 90W 140W

1. IM-T/SHP-T E27 50W 70W
2. IM-T/SHP-T E40 100W 150W
3. IM-T/SHP-T E40 250W
4. IM-T/SHP-T E40 400W



The shape and specific treatment of our reflectors have been designed with a view to providing an enhanced photometric distribution with optimal efficiency.

Specifically designed to ensure perfect compatibility with most of our luminaires, they can be used with all readily available urban lighting lamps.

The numerous lamp adjustment options mean they are flexible and can offer custom lighting for all kinds of projects.







RL 650 Reflectors
Compatible lamps: 70W SHP-T / 100W SHP-T/ 45W CPO-TW / 90W CPO-TW

RL 800 Reflectors
Compatible lamps: 70W SHP-T / 100W SHP-T/250W SHP-T/ 400W SHP-T/ 45W CPO-TW /90W CPO-TW